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    1 Set contains
    1x Revtecs Protection Display
    1x Revtecs Protection Windshield

    * Revtecs Protection Display is to protect your Displays, Tablets, Camera etc from scratches. The surface gets much more resistent.

    No Cover, but a liquid nano-protection with „Revolutionary Patented Technology“

    100% NO Airbubbles
    – Easy Cleaning
    – Antibakterial protection
    – Protection against scratches

    * Revtecs Protection Windshield is to protect your cars windshield. Rain cannot stay and the windshield is always free from raindrops. Also it is much easier to clean from insects. A damage because of stones from cars ahead is reduced significantly.

    Each set includes 1 precleaning towel, 1 nano liquid towel, 1 polish towel and an instruction manual.

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