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Frequently Asked Questions

What is kripto?
kripto is the first offical worldwide cryptocurrency market.
Do I need to pay for cryptocurrency ads?
No. You can post your own cryptocurrency ads on kripto for FREE! Post a free ad now!
How can I contact a user on kripto?
On kripto users can contact each other DIRECTLY through our internal CHAT.  The first contact is always created through our market. If you want to buy a prodcut from a user, you can easily send an inquiry. The seller can reply to your inquiry or reject it. You can find all your inquiries on your account’s “My Inquiries” page.
Help! I think a user wants to scam me!
If you think that a user wants to scam you, feel free to contact our support through our contact form.

We have created our chat in order to prevent other users seeing your email address and especially to prevent scam, spam and fake users. Keep in mind that we follow very strict rules and will not tolerate any violation of our terms and conditions. Any violation will lead to a ban including the account’s IP address!

What is a FEATURED ad?
Every ad you create in the beginning can be upgraded, for a small fee, to a FEATURED ad.

Benefits of a FEATURED ad:

  • Your ad will be displayed to all users as FEATURED ad.
  • Your ad will be displayed on other user’s ad pages.
  • Your ad will be displayed on the front page “FEATURED” filter.
  • Your ad will be displayed on our news post pages.
How can I filter ads by location?
Our cryptocurrency market was created for everyone from everywhere. If you only want to display ads from your country, easily click on the “Select Location” button in the main menu.
What is the main cryptocurrency on kripto?
The current main cryptocurrency on kripto is Bitcoin (BTC).
Why are all ads on kripto listed in US-Dollar?
kripto, as the first offical worldwide cryptocurrency market, was created to be used by people from all over the world. In order to be able to compare prices, which makes trading a lot more easier, we have decided to use a unified currency.
Am I allowed to use kripto ads for advertising purposes?
No. Each ad needs a specific product which is intended to be sold on kripto. The use of links and advertisments is forbidden! If you are interested in advertising on kripto, send as an inquiry using our contact form.
Which language should I use on kripto?
kripto uses English as main language. Keep in mind to always use english language, no matter if your describing your product or sending an inquiry. A well described and readable ad increases the chances of selling a product!
Is the price index on kripto accurate?
Yes. The price index is updated every couple minutes!
I’ve sold my product on kripto! How can I delte my ad now?
Congratulations for successfully selling your product on kripto! If you want to delete your ad, simply just mark your ad as “Sold” and it will be automatically deleted within some days by our system.

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