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Frequently Asked Questions

#1What is kripto?

kripto is the first official worldwide cryptocurrency market.

#2Do I need to use a valid email address for my kripto account?

Yes. In order to get in contact with other members, you will need a valid e-mail address. Keep in mind, that if you should forget your kripto password, we use your e-mail address to send you a password recovery link!

#3Do I need to pay for cryptocurrency ads?

No. kripto is completely free! Go ahead and post an ad!

#4I want to post an ad, but my cryptocurrency is not listed!

If your cryptocurrency is not listed, feel free to contact us, so we can implement it.

#5Am I allowed to post ads on kripto just for advertising purposes?

No. Each ad must contain a specific product, the price for it and the desired cryptocurrency!

#6How can I filter ads?

If you want to filter ads for the search, easily click on the desired category and refine the search! You can also use the search input field for nearly every word on our cryptocurrency market. Did you know? You can also search for ads in specific countries – try it out!

#7What language should I use when creating my listings?

In order to make sure that everyone can read your listings, please use the English language! Try to describe your product the best you can! A well described product increases your chances of selling it!

#8Yippee! I’ve sold my product! How can I remove my product now from kripto?

That’s great! Don’t worry about your sold product! Just go to your Dashboard and mark it as sold! Your ad will be deleted automatically after a while!

#9Are the cryptocurrency exchange rates up to date?

Yes. The cryptocurrency exchange rates are updated every couple minutes.

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